Bradoon - Eggbutt Comfort Snaffle

Bradoon - Eggbutt Comfort Snaffle
Level 1 MB02 Comfort Snaffle

Ring size 2.5" (50mm)

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A recent FEI rule changes have allowed for ported snaffles to be used in Dressage competitions. New Zealand Dressage Association follow the FEI rulings on bits.

Therefore the new range of Ported Myler Bradoons can now be used. They are suitable for use on their own as a standard snaffle bit or in conjunction with Ported Weymouths.

The rings only being 50mm in diameter .

It makes more sense to use a ported Bradoon with a ported Weymouth so as to allow more room for the horse’s tongue therefore assisting in alleviating stress for the horse and assisting in avoiding common contact problems associated with the  tongue.

  • Pony Eggbutt without Hooks
  • Smaller 2 1/2" rings better suited to more delicately proportioned ponies
  • MB02 Mouthpiece (Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel with Independent Side Movement)
  • Stainless Steel with Copper Inlay Mouth
  • Level 1
  • Legal for Dressage

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