Smart Tails - Maine and Tail Thinner

Smart Tails - Maine and Tail Thinner
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These revolutionary mane and tail thinners are the only product on the market that actually THIN thick manes and tails, and give the pulled look without discomfort.
A full tail can be transformed to a "pulled" tail ready for the show ring in minutes.
Guaranteed to work on the most sensitive of animals.
Made from high quality Scandinavian steel and manufactured in Germany.
Brilliant on dogs too!!
The standard range is a plastic handled tool with a fixed blade. 
Made with the same high quality steel. 
This is a disposable product and tidies 10-20 tails depending on how much needs to be done. 
These blades cannot be re-sharpened.
Grades of blades and which one to choose
Coarse blades are good for thick full tails and manes, which haven't been tidied before or are very coarse. This will process a large amount of thick hair easily and efficiently leaving a tidy looking finish. The coarse is also very good on natives that are being shown, and the end result needs to look tidy but still untouched.
Medium blades are good for the average type of mane or tail. This will cope with medium to soft hair and is ideal on manes and tails.
Fine blades are mostly used on hair which have already been tidied or is quite fine. It is also useful to finish really thick tails when a show or close finish is needed, and the bulk of it has already been shaped with a coarser blade.

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