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Alleviate-C for Maintenance. 
An effective combination of Calcium, Magnesium (1:1), Boron and essential Amino Acids.
Why worry about Calcium & Magnesium? Calcium and magnesium work together. 
Calcium plays a vital role in the excitement of nerves (turns them on) whilst magnesium is instrumental in relaxing them. (turning them off). 
This is why horses get touchy, irritable, distracted (like ADD) and panicky, when magnesium is lacking- they can't think straight!  Calcium is vital for muscle contraction and magnesium for muscle release. 
Horses are 80% muscle including some very large ones like the long back muscles and the hamstrings. 
This is why horses get short-stepping and choppy. 
When they are short on magnesium their muscles get very tight and tense. 
This inhibits their movement and therefore their performance. 
The presence of boron is essential for calcium and magnesium to operate properly and will reduce their excretion by up to 40%.

Facilitates nerve and musclke function for top performance.  For some horses the small dose is enough to make a real difference in overall demeanour when grass is a challenge

For more information about grass, behavioural, musculo-skeletal, neurological or metabolic-peripheral problems please vist Jenny's site

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