Nt-Dry powder absorbs and removes excess moisture and smelly build up from soft frogs in just a few days. Then dust once per week for "Pro-Active, long term hoof maintenance!" Also use on deep heel cracks.  Heel cracks are moist and bacteria hides and breeds inside.  Use NT-Dry  until the heels are a dimple not a "crack". Just "Dust On" Also use on Mud Fever and Rain Rot. Apply NT-Dry once per day.,  Quick and easy, it takes only seconds.  It is clean, safe and natural.  NR-Dry is "Dusted on" using the thin tipped squeeze bottle.  Apply along frog and deep into heel crevices.  For best results use the edge of your hoof pick to push powder into the cracks which is where moisture and bacteria hide. NT-Dry absorbs and removes the excess moisture along with the Black Goo associated with soft heels and frogs.  It simultaneously soothes with healing herbs. Available in Small 70.9g Large 156g
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