DVD Academic Horse Training - Andrew McLean

DVD Academic Horse Training - Andrew McLean
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Three DVD's. Equitation Science in Practice Since the day humans first sat astride we have been trying to figure out how the horse thinks and learns.  Now, with the help of science, we can stop guessing. These DVD's takes us on a fascinating, enlightening journey into the horse's brain.  The reader emerges with not only a clear picture of the horse's mind, but also a logical, step-by-step training method.  Academic Horse Training promotes horse welfare and will stand the test of time for future generations. Developed over decades by Australians Dr. Andrew and Manuela McLean, this is a hands on user's manual that demystifies and simplifies training.  Academic Horse Training takes the guess work out of training and provides easy to follow steps to training success. From training obedience and impulsion on the dressage arena to leading foals and retraining racehorses, this is the world's first evidence-based training system.  It provides solutions for practically every problem behaviour horse owners face, based on state-of-the-art psychology. This DVD is complemented by the Book on Academic Horse Training (sold seperately.)

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